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Dependability & Reliability


Reliable and dependable in performing job-related tasks, finishing assigned projects, meeting deadlines and appointments.

Behavioral Descriptions

Proficiency Level 5
  • Is relied upon by others as a source for valid information.

  • Accurately scopes out the work, creates efficiently workflows and process,

  • Develops reliable working rapport with customer and peers.

  • Follows through and meets commitments.

  • Available as a resource to subordinates and peers.

  • Consistently outperforms most other people or groups because of excellence at planning, priority setting and execution.

Proficiency Level 4
  • Actively demonstrates commitment by maintaining a consistent and predictable work schedule.

  • Very productive and efficient in planning and executing work.

  • Actively demonstrates dependability and importance of work to customer and peers.

  • Reschedules meetings and deadlines well in advance if necessary; but will go out of way to make every effort to make meeting an/or deadline.

Proficiency Level 3
  • Recognizes the relative importance of certain tasks and responsibilities and has the ability to prioritize to ensure that deadlines are met.

  • Comes to work on time as scheduled.

  • Responds to work assignments and requests by being cooperative and available.

  • Demonstrates a good attendance record; is aware of the impact that missing work will have on the customer as well as co-workers.

  • Follows through with commitments.

  • Can be counted on to meet deadlines.

  • Maintains consistent and predictable schedule.

Proficiency Level 2
  • Is not consistent when attending meetings or making deadlines.

  • Not orderly in approach to work.

  • Works on what ever comes up, gets easily diverted into less productive tasks.

  • Follow though is spotty.

  • Waste a lot of time and energy due to being disorganized.

Proficiency Level 1
  • Show little concern for missing meetings or deadlines.

  • Does not prioritize tasks or meet deadlines.

  • Continually abuses agency attendance policy.

  • Does not follow through with commitments, says project or report will be done on a certain date and keeps extending the date over and over with out providing explanation and facts to support extended deadline.

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